Dr. David Vu

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Born and raised in the lower mainland, British Columbia, Dr. David Vu attended the University of British Columbia where he obtained his Bachelors of science, majoring in biochemistry. He spent over a year full-time in research at the British Columbia Institute of Technology and Vancouver General Hospital. David then moved on to the University of Alberta where he obtained his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

For many years as a general dentist, he served both Edmonton and Peace River. Through the delivery of gentle care that is customized to each and every patient, he had the opportunity to meet and know many families, creating smiles along the way. David wanted to further his education and to become an orthodontic specialist, so he went back to University of Alberta
to obtain his Master of Science. His research focused on orthodontic treatment that can positively improve markers of growth in some children.
He received many scholarships, including those from the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, the Alberta Dental Association and College, and the National Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada. During his time at the University of Alberta, he was fortunate to train under some of the best orthodontists. He received specialized education and training on many braces systems and Invisalign for treatment of complex dentofacial

David strives to continually improve his craft to become like his mentors, while providing evidence-based care that is supported by scientific research. After graduate school, David wanted to return to Northern Alberta to serve the rural communities and Valleyview was the perfect spot. David aims to provide affordable orthodontic care to those in need, with the
goals of getting to know his patients well while delivery a beautiful smile in return!
He maintains academic involvement with the University, and is a part-time clinical instructor at the University of Alberta. Through his experience and training, he is comfortable with Invisalign clear aligners, braces in both the esthetic clear bracket and traditional metal forms, as well as growth altering appliances. He understands that some times a beautiful and stable result will require a holistic approach involving the combined and coordinated care delivered in conjunction with other facets of dentistry.

In his free time, David enjoys playing video games, sipping coffee, and exploring new foods and restaurants with his wife. He loves road trips through the mountains, automotive talk, and trying out new things. David is here to stay, and he’s excited to meet you and your family!